Four Different Types of Car Window Tints

Before considering¬†car tinting in Dubai, you should first understand the legalities involved. You will need to follow state regulations regarding tints and the percentage of visible light that can pass through. These laws differ between states, so it’s important to check the requirements of your state’s government before you start shopping around. The type of window film you choose will depend on your needs and the conditions in your area.

Dyed window tint:

The dyed window tint film is another option. While it can help keep the interior of your car cool, it doesn’t make your windows dark. Instead, these films are designed to block ultraviolet and infrared rays, which can cause extended wear and tear on the interior. In addition, some types of window tints contain metallic particles, which improve the overall strength of the window. These options are best for those who want to protect the internal area of their car.

Hybrid film:

Hybrid film is the most popular choice for blocking glare and IR, but it can also be a good choice for reducing heat inside your car. The main benefit of a hybrid tint is that it’s a great option for blocking UV rays without sacrificing the car’s interior. It also helps reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your car, but it doesn’t interfere with night driving.

Metallic window film:

Metallic window film is made of several layers. Its base layer is adhesive, followed by an ultraviolet radiation blocking layer. It reflects heat and reduces glare. It also protects your interior from fading. A good metallic film will last a long time and resist scratches. But you should be aware of its drawbacks. Choosing the wrong one could cause more damage to your car. Fortunately, there are a variety of car window tints available.

Carbon window film:

Carbon window film is also a hybrid film containing metallic particles and dye. It blocks 40% of IR rays, preventing fading of upholstery. The carbon tint is also durable and won’t fade like dyed tints. It can also block a high percentage of heat and UV rays. The best option is a combination of the two. You will find a tint that works for you.