Why American Curriculum Is Popular Across The World

Whether you want to send your children to a top-notch international school or want to know why the American curriculum schools in Dubai are the best choice for your kids, there are several factors to consider. These factors include international recognition, trustworthiness, and a culture-responsive curriculum. These aspects are all incredibly important in choosing an education system. And while it is impossible to please everyone, you should be able to find something that works for your family.

Internationally-recognized system:

The Internationally-recognized American Curriculum system has become a popular choice for international schools. The American system is well-known for its flexibility, which can benefit students and schools. The curriculum reflects the best educational principles, focuses on global citizenship, and has a broad general education. This flexibility benefits students and parents alike because international school systems must provide a balanced, well-rounded education.

Culturally-responsive curriculum:

Many progressive educators view culturally-responsive teaching as a minor add-on rather than an essential shift in how we educate. These educators may believe that students of color need to see themselves in the classroom but are unwilling to change their content or teaching methods. Culturally responsive teaching aims to help students learn how to analyze problems and address their cultural identities and experiences. However, culturally responsive teaching is not a panacea for addressing student trauma.

Standards-based system:

One of the reasons that the American standards-based curriculum is popular worldwide is its high expectations for all students. The standards-based approach benefits learning because it builds on previous knowledge and experiences. New information becomes easier to understand when it has personal connections. Students also benefit from having more freedom to explore topics independently, reducing pressure and frustration. It also improves student self-esteem and confidence. To learn more about the benefits of this approach, read this article.

The benefits of the American standards-based curriculum are numerous. The curriculum is based on rigorous standards and is aligned with the standards of a country or state. Students have higher expectations than their lower-income and middle-class peers. The academic gap between the two groups must be narrowed, and high academic standards must be maintained for all students. Finally, rigorous tests must measure student achievement against the standards.